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Anti-aging face exercises, truly beautiful results

Created by professional experts; our workouts are proven to lift, tone and firm for beautiful facial rejuvenation. Reduce wrinkles and all signs of aging with specialized exercises designed to renew your skin and facial muscles. Choose from our 3 easy Plans, follow the 10, 15 or 30 minute workouts, and see your first results in 6-10 days.

About Faceworks


  • Bronze

    $5 / month

    Age Group: 20 - 40

    Plan Includes

    1 Short Workout

    Total Exercise : 4
  • Silver

    $7 / month

    Age Group: 35 - 45

    Plan Includes

    Express Full Face Workout


    1 Short Workout of your choice

    Total Exercise : 8
  • Gold

    $12 / month

    Age Group: 45 - 75+

    Plan Includes

    Complete Full Face Workout


    Express Full Face Workout


    All 4 Short Workouts


    Downloadable Classes

    Total Exercise :12

Sample Face Exercises

“I’m cancelling my appointment with the plastic surgeon, I don’t need him any more! I’ve just finished week 9 and I’m absolutely loving my results! I love doing the  anti aging face exercises ’cause I know it’s making huge changes to my face every time I do them.” Kristine, USA.

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