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Anti-aging face exercises, truly beautiful results

Created by professional experts, our effective facial exercises are proven to lift and firm the entire face. The easy workouts reduce wrinkles and sagging by precisely targeting  the places that show the signs of age.

Faceworks is designed to give maximum results and promote skin health, for visible results in 10 days. We’ve been helping people look younger since 2007, first in our therapy practice and now online. Faceworks is the only Therapy Registered facial exercise program, and we continue to provide the same high level of customer care for our online members. We know the exercises work, and are here to help you get the results you want.

Choose your Plan (below) by age and do your workout once a day, 5 times a week.  All Plans come complete with full instructions and advice, plus beginners tips and advanced extras.

About Faceworks


  • Bronze

    $5 / month

    Age Group: 20 - 40

    Plan Includes

    1 Short Workout

    Total Exercise : 4
  • Silver

    $7 / month

    Age Group: 35 - 45

    Plan Includes

    Express Full Face Workout


    1 Short Workout of your choice

    Total Exercise : 8
  • Gold

    $12 / month

    Age Group: 45 - 75+

    Plan Includes

    Complete Full Face Workout


    Express Full Face Workout


    All 4 Short Workouts


    Downloadable Classes

    Total Exercise :12

Sample Face Exercises

“I’ve been doing Faceworks for the last few years and the results are astounding. Just recently I was mistaken for 33 yrs old: I am presently 47 years old!  I can’t say enough how much these exercises have transformed my face.” Lily, USA.

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