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Save Money with the Best Face Exercise Program

Find out how the Faceworks products work together to save you money

Faceworks is the best face exercise program, and not just because of the groundbreaking exercises! Since we started in 2007, we’ve learned a lot about how people like to use the program – and we’ve made products that fit into busy lives perfectly. It doesn’t matter what you start with: one of the Exercise Plans online, the App, or one of the two Faceworks Books- they all work alone or together.  And if you start with the online program, adding the App or a Book saves you money.

It’s easy to swap from the online program to the app or a book with the new Membership Options – because you’re not tied in for longer than you want to be. This allows you to change from the website to an App or a book, and back again whenever and as often you like. So as soon as you’re happy with how you look, switch products to save money.

Pick Your Workout Plan

Choose the Plan you’d like and learn how to use it with the Key Facts and How to do Faceworks. The Plans have suggested age groups and the workout times vary from 10 to 30 minutes.  Not sure which Plan to choose? Start with the Bronze or Silver and upgrade if you need to. Or contact us and ask, we’re here to help. There’s more information on the Plans below.

Quick and Easy Workouts

The Workouts are designed to be easy to use. They are quick to do with the ‘Play All’ tab that plays through the entire sequence of exercises. Every video is a complete exercise, there’s no need to pause or rewind. Clicking on an exercise thumbnail takes you to the individual Exercise Page, where you’ll find the video and lots of information including step by step written instructions, tips and extra positions. You can vary the exercises with the Exercise Extras or just use the originals, it’s up to you.

Switch to Save

Switch from your Membership to the Faceworks App or one of the Books to save money. The App and books are great to use after the online program to maintain your facelift, or when you’re travelling, or simply away from the internet .T he App and Book 1 both contain the Complete Workout, Book 2 contains the Advanced Exercises found on the Exercise Extra tabs. When you want to refresh your facelift, reactivate your subscription on the website. Here’s How: Pause your Membership on your Account page with the ‘Pause Payments’ command to stop payments. Reactivate the same way with one click.

Faceworks Membership Plans

The range of 10, 15 and 30 minute exercise workouts here on the website let you pick exactly what you need. Work just one place to your whole face – get perfect eyebrows or rejuvenate your entire face from forehead to your neck:

  • Bronze Plan: The Short Workouts take just 10-12 minutes and enhance and reshape one area of the face. With 4 specialised exercises, they don’t take much time out of your day and give lovely results. Choose from 4 workouts
  • The Silver Plan: has 2 workouts: a 15 minute full face workout plus a short 10 minute workout. Used alone or together, they fit into in the busiest lifestyle to keep you looking great. One Express Workout, plus a Short Workout of your choice.
  • The Gold Plan: has the Full 30 minute workout for a complete non-surgical facelift, plus all 5 workouts from the other Plans. The Full Workout minimises all signs of aging to revitalise and renew. Comes complete with brand new, expertly written Classes over 4 months for a complete facelift.

Faceworks Classes: The Gold Plan has fortnightly classes on downloadable PDF to make your facelift easier than ever. Each one is a personal session to guide and help you: goals to aim for, results you can expect, motivational advice, and articles that focus on different parts of the face so you become an expert too!

Beginner’s Tips on every exercise to help you progress quickly.

Advanced Positions for increased toning when your facial muscles are ready to step it up. These feature in our New Book too.

No hidden fees and no contract – ever. We have an exceptional Customer Service with real people to help in our UK office.

The Best Face Exercise Program

With 10 years of face exercise experience, I know this is the best facial program online today. it’s my aim to help you feel great about yourself – whether that’s with the brilliant face exercises, good nutrition, wellness advice, make up and product reviews, or little tips that make life better, naturally”  Elaine Bartlett, Faceworks Founder and Therapist

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