Do face exercises work

Do Face Exercises Work?

Do face exercises work? Faceworks founder Elaine Bartlett answers the question everyone wants to know.

“Face exercises are increasingly popular, but a lot of people are unsure if they can work for them, or they think they’re too young, or too old. Face exercises work for everyone! The secret is doing exercises designed with research and scientific expertise, otherwise you’re wasting your time.

People want a personal connection that’s often missing with online programs.  At Faceworks we’re always available to help: because we know the exercises work, and we want everyone to get the results they need.

That’s why; for all the Faceworks videos, I used myself and not a model. Film shows people how they really are and if the exercises didn’t work, the evidence would be there for all to see.

I’ve found  that everyone- absolutely everyone- has something they want to change about their face and it’s surprising how many will happily stand in a room full of people and learn an exercise. I’ve taught exercises to people in all kinds of social events. People are fascinated and delighted that they can take control right then, right there and start to improve their baggy eyelids or their jowls. It’s wonderful to see the boost it gives them.

It’s hard to believe that ‘just doing exercises’ can make such a difference, but believe me, it can. People want to know: ”Can it work for me?’ I understand it’s healthy to be a little sceptical, but I ask “What have you got to lose? Give yourself some time to see what Faceworks can do!”

If I’m asked ‘Do face exercises work?’ I often tell people how old I am. Although I’m 56, my face is toned and my skin is fantastic. Of course I have a few wrinkles, that’s to be expected. I’m never going to look like I’m 25 and truthfully, I don’t want to. I just want to look the best I can and not worry about aging.”.

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