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How does facial exercise affect your skin?

Skin improves quickly with facial exercise. It’s one of the first changes people see when they start exercising:  the skin literally blooms in a way that’s impossible with skin creams alone.

Exercise is great for your skin. When we do any exercise, it’s immediately visible: even if we don’t break into a sweat, we go red in the face. That glow is due to the expansion of the tiny blood capillaries; they are closer to the surface of the skin on your face than anywhere else in your body.

Blood flow increases if the body works harder to bring oxygen and nutrition to the cells. The wastes are removed faster too: free radicals and toxins are carried away for filtering through the liver and disposal via the kidneys or bowel. Toxins are everywhere: in pollution, skin products and even our own bodies. When the circulation is boosted, all harmful chemicals are removed more quickly.

The increase in blood flow boosts cell turnover, and with more valuable nutrients reaching the deep layers of the dermis, the quality of those cells improves. Antioxidants carried in the blood prevent free radical damage to cells in the skin.

So exercising the face boosts the health of skin, from the base layers to the surface. And because you do the face exercises yourself, the results are easy to get. Easier than going to a beautician, or spending a fortune on wrinkle cream.

Faces literally bloom in a way that’s impossible with skin creams alone

Skin Science Facts: Skin is the largest organ in the body, but because your body has so many essential things to do inside, skin can suffer when you’re under pressure.

Stress and illness tax the immune system, which means that nutrients reserved for keeping your skin healthy are used up trying to cope. If you’re prone to breakouts or dryness, these will show up when you have a cold; or when you’re under pressure at work, and can leave you looking less than your best.

Skin Problems: Both our research; and testimonials from people who use the Faceworks program, show a beneficial effect on skin problems. In our client trial before Faceworks was launched, there were a number of skin abnormalities: spots, blackheads, T-zone greasiness, redness and dryness: all quickly improved. By the end of the trial, all subjects had noticeable improvements, with complete normalisation of skin problems in some cases.

Faceworks exercises give skin a fantastic boost, making it healthier, brighter and younger looking.

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