new faceworks website

New Faceworks Website

Welcome to our beautiful new Faceworks website!

Since Faceworks launched in 2007, we’ve learned a lot about how people want to use our face exercises. In response to your requests, we’ve introduced a new range of facial workouts that let you pick exactly what you need. So if you only want to make your lips plumper, or get perfect eyebrows, you can.

The new website means it’s even easier for Faceworks to fit into your lifestyle. The new format has clever features throughout, like a ‘Play All’ tab on the workouts to save time, and new tips and extra positions on the exercises for faster, more effective toning. Members have a new account page to view and control their own  subscription easily.

You’ll find the same great service and focus on Wellness, Skincare, Anti-aging, Products and more. We’ve added features like Daily Exercise Tips and a Live Chat, so you can talk directly to our Therapist, Elaine about the exercises, nutrition and natural anti-aging.

New ways to get your Facelift

  • Bronze Plan: The Short Workouts take just 10-12 minutes and enhance and reshape one area of the face. With 4 specialised exercises, they don’t take much time out of your day and give lovely results. Choose from 4 workouts
  • The Silver Plan: has 2 workouts: a 15 minute full face workout plus a short 10 minute workout. Used alone or together, they fit into in the busiest lifestyle to keep you looking younger quickly. One Express Workout, plus a Short Workout of your choice.
  • The Gold Plan: has the Full 30 minute workout for a complete non-surgical facelift, plus all 5 workouts from the other Plans. The Full Workout minimises all signs of aging to revitalise and renew. Comes complete with brand new, expertly written Classes over 4 months for a complete facelift.

New Faceworks Classes: The Gold Plan has fortnightly classes on downloadable PDF to make your facelift easier than ever. Each one is a personal session to guide and help you: goals to aim for, results you can expect, motivational advice, and articles that focus on different parts of the face so you become an expert too!

New Beginner’s Tips on every exercise to help you progress quickly.

New Advanced Positions for increased toning when your facial muscles are ready to step it up

No hidden fees and no contract – ever. We have an exceptional Customer Service with real people to help in our UK office

The new website means it’s even easier to make Faceworks work for your lifestyle. When you’ve got your facelift, you can pause your subscription and change to the App  or Kindle Book  to maintain results, and swap back to the online program when you need a boost. We’ve worked hard to bring everything people want to one place – it’s my aim to help you feel great about yourself – whether that’s with the brilliant face exercises, good nutrition, make up and products, or little tips and that make life better, naturally ”. Elaine Bartlett, Faceworks Founder and Therapist

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