Look 10 years younger 

If you’re in your mid 40s or older, you can expect to look up to 10 years younger with Faceworks. The exercises are carefully designed to work your face from your brows, eyes and cheeks, to your chin and your jawline. The benefits of facial exercise also slow down facial ageing. Having firm and tight facial muscles means you’re not at risk of your face sagging as you get older – and less sagging means fewer wrinkles and lines.

“People think I’m 10 years younger than I am, or more: they’ re often shocked when I tell them I’m in my 50s.”   Elaine Bartlett, Faceworks Founder

face_Benefits_1face_Benefits_2face_Benefits_3 10 years younger

The benefits of face exercise: Left: Before Faceworks (age 45) | Middle: After 4 weeks | Right: After 8 years (age 53)

Results for your whole face

Faceworks exercises are carefully designed to work your face from your brows, eyes and cheeks, to your chin and your jawline. The natural balance of your face will be enhanced and restored but the muscles will not become too big or ‘bulked up’. Exercises for the top half of the face lift tone and rebuild muscle, while those for the lower half of the face lift tone and streamline. This ensures that the shape of the face tones appropriately without building too much weight around the lower cheeks, mouth and jawline.

‘Botox and fillers? Forget it, Faceworks is better!’ G. (USA)

A natural look

More and more people are moving away from fillers, injections and plastic surgeries to avoid the artificial, frozen look so often seen on faces that have ‘gone too far’. People want to achieve a youthful look without sacrificing their natural expression. Faceworks face exercises gently lift and tighten whilst keeping the natural state that we commonly prefer to see in a face. When you start Faceworks, you’ll discover the benefits of face exercise for yourself.

Safer than surgery

Face exercises carry none of the risks associated with invasive procedures. No anaesthetic, no surgery, no knives, no needles and no side effects. A truly natural remedy for aging skin, Faceworks is the perfect technique to lift, tone and revitalize your face without cosmetic surgery.

Versatile Workouts

Our Bronze, Silver and Gold Plans have 10, 15 or 30 minute workouts. The versatile workouts all enhance your favourite features, from toning just one part of your face to full face sessions for a complete facelift. Each Plan has a complete ‘How to’, and is packed full of helpful advice and tips, plus exclusive articles on nutrition, beauty and more.

Save on beauty treatments

You won’t need to spend out on expensive facials and beauty treatments when the exercises have worked their magic: Faceworks does it all for you. People often tell us that their friends think they’ve had cosmetic surgery. And because facial muscles are attached to the base layers of the dermis, your muscles and skin tighten and lift for a naturally healthier appearance.

Boost your confidence

The change we see in people who do Faceworks is wonderful: more confident, more positive – happier. People do really glow on the inside when they feel good about themselves, and the incredible boost in self-esteem is the story people tell us over and over.

Flexible for your lifestyle

For the first time, you can control how you look. With a completely flexible set of workouts, you can exercise at home or on the move: whenever it’s best for you. The exercises are designed to fit into your lifestyle easily. And if you have a special event coming up it’s easy to increase your workouts, so you look fabulous on the day.

Start looking younger today!


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