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Anti Aging Facial Exercises: Why They Work

There are many benefits of using face exercise for anti aging. Facial exercises reduce signs of age in the present, and slow aging  in the future.  Our body’s natural response to exercise means it’s possible to transform how we look without the risk or the worry about going ‘under the knife’. 

When our muscles are worked regularly and repeatedly, their condition improves.  This happens all over the body, with the right kind of exercise – including the face. The tiny myofibrils that make up each muscle fibre plump out  and the nerve signals become more efficient. The strength of muscles literally increases. It doesn’t matter what age you are, scientific research shows even people in their 80’s benefit from exercise.

Just like body muscles, facial muscles tighten and lift with exercise, for an effective, natural solution to the problem of facial aging.


Faceworks anti aging facial exercises

Faceworks uses gentle strength training to improve the fitness of facial muscles, without overbuilding them. As the muscles respond to the exercises, the nerve impulses that make the fibres contract become stronger. With frequent exercise the resting tone of the facial muscles increases and they become ‘tighter’ and firmer. It has a huge impact on the look and feel of the face.

Face exercises won’t bulk your muscles up like a body builder.  They simply use the body’s ordinary ability to regenerate the muscles.  Muscles grow by a process of damage and repair, though it’s not the kind of damage you would be aware of.  Exercise causes microscopic damage to the muscle fibres. These tiny tears in the muscle stimulate the body’s natural repair process: protein, hormones and nutrients combine to build firmer, stronger muscles, and it is this that causes the muscles to lift.

As we age, muscles get longer and they sag. It isn’t our lines and wrinkles that make us look older, it’s  the drooping eyelids, sagging cheeks and jowls.  Healthy muscles don’t sag – they have a higher resting tone and a more compact shape.  Anti aging facial exercises give you firmer and tighter muscles  that sit in tight to the facial bones. This eliminates sagging and drooping over the whole face. The exercises produce the facelift naturally with facial contours that are defined, smoothed and rejuvenated.

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