Do face exercises work

Do Face Exercises Work?

Do face exercises work? Faceworks founder Elaine Bartlett answers the question everyone wants to know.

“Did you now there are  currently over 3 million people asking if face exercises really work? The short answer is yes, face exercises work beautifully if they are well designed.  Exaggerating your normal facial expressions won’t do anything at all, for example, if you blow out your cheeks 10 times. Well designed exercises use the 50 plus facial muscles in precise, targeted movements, which works them much harder than usual.

If you want to find face exercises that will work, look for programs designed with scientific expertise and research.  To design effective exercises, it’s necessary to know what facial muscles make which movement , because then you can target and reduce sagging, and precisely work the muscles to plump out wrinkles.  Jowls, for example occur because the muscles further up the face have dropped – so you need to lift the cheeks up and tone the jowl area to reduce them. Crows’ feet spread when the brows and upper eyelids sag: they smooth out really well with the brow and eye exercises.  There are a lot of  face exercises available from people who don’t have expertise, and who don’t know how specific muscles work in the face. If you use those, you won’t get results.

For all the Faceworks videos, I used myself and not a model. Film shows people how they really are and if the exercises didn’t work, the evidence would be there for all to see. I was 47 in the videos, I’m 56 now and I don’t look any older.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve taught the exercises to people in all kinds of social events. People are fascinated and delighted that they can take control right then, right there and start to improve their baggy eyelids or their jowls. It’s wonderful to see the boost it gives them. I’ve found  that everyone- absolutely everyone- has something they want to change about their face and it’s surprising how many will happily stand in a room full of people and learn an exercise.

do face exercises work? Elaine at 52

If I’m asked ‘Do face exercises work?’ I tell people how old I am – I’ve had a good few jaw drops when I tell people I’m in my 50s!  My face is toned and my skin is fantastic. Of course I have a few wrinkles, that’s to be expected. I’m never going to look like I’m 25 and truthfully, I don’t want to. I just want to look the best I can and not worry about aging.”

Enjoy Looking Great! Elaine Bartlett, Dip.ITEC . Kinesiologist and Faceworks founder


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