L'Anza Shampoo conditioner Review

L’ANZA Hair Products Review

Whatever your hair type there’s a whole range of L’ANZA products to soothe, heal and pamper your crowning glory

L’ANZA is available in 40 countries and their products are used by professionals. Their aim is to heal hair from within and to keep it in the best condition by sealing and protecting it from further damage. They use no animal testing, no known carcinogens and the packaging is both recyclable and made from recycled products. So great ethics, but did the results match?


L’ANZA Healing Volume Thickening Shampoo – 300ml -£17.99 to £22.00

I was very happy to put these products in my bathroom: they look really expensive! The shampoo  lathers really well and you don’t need much. I was really pleased with the results on my fine hair: each strand was separated. The body and fullness is due to the Bamboo extract. Other goodies in the shampoo are Gugo Bark for gentle cleansing, amino acids and vitamins, all in a pleasantly fruity smelling and silky feeling shampoo.

I often only shampoo my hair once when I wash to avoid drying it out too much – and I still had plenty of volume. The bottle looked as though it was going to last for ages until my husband started using it as well!

The retail price depends on the stockist, all products were purchased from Amazon.

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Score: 10 out of 10

L’ANZA Healing Volume Thickening Conditioner – 300ml – £16.99 to £22.00

I am still only half way through the Thickening Conditioner, probably because my husband doesn’t use it! You can leave this on for only a minute and it leaves hair shiny and nourished. It is formulated to protect hair color, so for once I didn’t  have to choose between volume and fading my color. The same extracts and amino acids carry on through the conditioner, plus there’s keratin to strengthen the hair even more. Although the conditioner is quite thick, it doesn’t weigh hair down after use. I use this for a deep conditioning too: double the amount and wrap your head in a towel or shower cap for extra gloss.

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Score: 10 out of 10

L’ANZA Hair Repair Reconstructor – 125ml – £13.40 to £17.00

L’ANZA’s deep conditioning treatment contains the Keratin Bond System, plus revitalising botanicals and antioxidant vitamins A,C and E. There is a shampoo that goes with the Reconstructor, plus a leave in protector to combat frizz and protect from heat damage. One treatment left it supple,silky and wonderfully glossy. It is so cheap compared to other brands yet it goes right to the cortex of the hair to repair the structure.

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Score: 10 out of 10.

For all the products I loved everything: the feel, the smell – heavenly! – and most of all, the effects. My hair has the feel of just coming out of the hair salon every time I wash it and the bonus is that it is nourished properly, not just coated with chemicals.

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