New Kindle book

The New Faceworks Kindle Book is Here!

The brand new Kindle book is available now – order your copy today!

Elaine’s new Kindle book: ‘Face Exercises Made Easy: Advanced Exercises for Jowls, Jawline and Chin * New Men’s Workout’ is finished and ready to buy. It introduces 5 brand new exercises for the lower face,  Advanced Additions to existing exercises, plus a new Workout for Men.

See the new book on Amazon (Go to your own country’s Amazon to buy).

Faceworks has always been innovative: designed to be easy and give the best results in the shortest time. In the new book, you’ll find each exercise has step by step instructions with full colour photographs, Focus Point, ‘Good for’ tip and a list of muscles used. Some of the new exercises slim the look of the lower face, others plump out and fill. It’s so easy to pick the ones you need. With exercise guides, workout ideas, plus expert advice and knowledge, the new book enables you to tone stubborn problem areas effectively.

Amazon’s free reading app means that you don’t need a Kindle e-reader to get Kindle books. Available to download for free to your pc, tablet or phone, the Amazon app enables you to choose from Amazon’s huge range of publications.

Kindle book

New Faceworks users can use this book first – all our products are designed to work alone or together. Start with one of the books, an app or the online program – and add or switch between products as you like – whether you’re at home or on the move.

Existing Faceworks users now have even more exercises to vary their workouts. We’ve noticed faster results with the exercises in this book. Facial muscles that are already used to exercising respond more quickly.

At the end of the book is a list of our favourite (and un-favourite!) products for skin, hair and body, to date. All have been tested and have a focus on natural ingredients where possible. We constantly try out brands that are kind to skin and claim to have exceptional results.

The 5 new exercises and Advanced Variations will be filmed and added to the website in October 2017. The Advanced Variations currently appear as ‘Exercise Extras’ on the website.

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