snoxin and nanoblur review

Snoxin and Nanoblur Review

I’m always looking for ‘miracle’ anti ageing products.  Indeed Lab’s Snoxin serum promises results in 14 days and continued improvement for up to 12 months. I also ordered their previous wonder product: Nanoblur, which is said to give instant results, making you look 10 years younger.  I tested the products on one side of the face only. On the other side, I used my normal products: Elemis. here’s my Snoxin and Nanoblur review:


RRP: UK £23.50/ US  $39.99

Snoxin is a multi-peptide formulation to reduce  wrinkles and folds. It is designed to ‘soften muscle contractions which creates a similar effect to Botox’.  The serum is clear and applied twice a day after cleansing and toning, and before moisturising.

Indeed Labs; who make Snoxin say results are apparent in as early as 14 days, with continued improvement with ongoing use, but I was disappointed. There was no difference after two weeks…so I kept going. It’s now been a month since I began using Snoxin as advised, and I can still see no improvement at all in the faint lines around my forehead, eyebrows and eyes  – not that I have many thanks to my Faceworks exercises.

Scientifically, the serum should work: it contains has the “highest allowable concentration of the most effective anti-aging peptides…to combat all aspects of skin aging”. But despite this, my skin just hasn’t appreciated the product at all – in fact, after so long without using my Elemis, the ‘Snoxin’ side of my face is looking worse.


RRP UK: from £23.50/ US $19.99

Nanoblur is an optical ‘airbrushing’ cream that  promises to diminish the appearance of fine lines, shine and large pores in 40 seconds. It was originally developed for the film industry to make actors’ skin look flawless in high definition film, and the crossover to the retail market was an obvious step.

It’s a light opaque cream that smooths on really easily. It isn’t a moisturiser or make-up, and you apply it as the last step, i.e. after moisturiser if you go make-up free, or over foundation, but before powder if using make up. Applied to  the back of a hand it looks impressive: immediately smoothing out skin. It feels really silky too.

First I tried it over foundation. My cheeks looked great, but on thinner skin around my eyes, it looked odd. The product dries to a papery-looking finish, and looked like I’d put on too much powder. The box says you can mix it with foundation if skin is dry, so the next day I did this instead, with similar results. I have found that a tiny amount looks better, but it’s best kept for where the skin doesn’t move much. It is great for the backs of hands when you want them to look good, but obviously washes off as soon as you put your hands in water.

I can see Nanoblur working better on younger skin. Older skin that’s dry like mine needs a dewy finish around the eyes to look its’ best, easily achieved by using a dot of moisturiser. or a facial spray such as Aqua Spirit.

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