Faceworks App for iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire

Your ultimate beauty fix on the move

If you like using a tablet like an iPad or your phone, download the face exercise App. Containing The Complete Workout with all 12 exercises, it’s your best-kept secret to looking great on the move. Available for iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle: just search for ‘Faceworks’ on your App store,  or view on the links below.

The Best Face Exercise App

Use the App to freshen and brighten your look wherever you are. Use it to do your workout at lunchtime, before meetings, and to take you from work to play. In fact, wherever you’re out and about and want to stay looking gorgeous.

If you don’t have a reliable internet connection, or are travelling for holidays, etc. the app allows you to keep up with your workouts. It downloads to your iTunes, Google or Amazon account ready to be installed on your phone and tablet.

The first Faceworks book: ‘The Complete Anti Aging Workout’,  makes a great companion product to the App, see more

  • Single purchase, i.e. no monthly payment
  • 1 workout with all 12 highly effective exercises
  • Targets all the places that show the signs of aging
  • Full and concise instructions
  • Install on multiple devices
  • Downloads to your phone or tablet
  • Works without the internet
  • The app is a separate product to the online program
  • Does not have Beginner’s Tips, Advanced Positions, Exercise Extras, Classes, Live Chat or Premium Articles.

To Buy for Kindle Fire, search ‘Faceworks App’, on your Amazon store

“Thanks so much for your help , I purchased the Faceworks app and have it on my iPhone , its great because i have it with me wherever I am .”  L, Ireland   

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